RIM CEO’s Step Down

Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis


Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis appoint the former COO Thorsten Heins as the new CEO of RIM.  It’s sad to see a once great Canadian tech. company fall.  It will be interesting to note:

  • What will Heins do?  Sell the company, or change and adapt to gain back their competitive edge when RIM was in it’s prime in the early 2000′s?
  • What will happen to the RIM product line of smart phones?
Only time will tell…

Apple Loses Another Prototype

Apple loses another iPhone prototype phone, this time the iPhone 6 at a bar.  One would think Apple would have more control over prototypes!

Apparently the prototype was sold on Craigslist for $200.  Why so low?  The guy who found it may not know it was a prototype. iPhone  Prototypes generally uses old cases to disguise the new hardware inside.

Motorola Acquired by Google

Interesting news for sure, and I would like to quote a segment from the link:

This is all great for Google.  But will this news help my small business?  Unfortunately, no.  The empire is breaking up.  Chaos is approaching.  Life, particularly for my business, is about to become more complicated.

From what he illustrated, isn’t this expected?  When was technology ever “stable”?  To me, technology was always a unstable and chaotic entity and it acts as a double edge sword for everyone.  Some say technology makes lives easier, but what about the jobs transformed or eliminated?  What about the libraries and the postal workers after the advent of Google Books and email technology?

What about the businesses affected by it?  Sure, with the aid of technology, firms with a sound business strategy can utilize the internet and can gain a competitive advantage over the traditional brick-and-mortar mom-and-pop shop.  But with the wealth of information and available technology out there, it can bombard the user with too many choices.  Should I use the iPhone or Blackberry?  Or what about Android-based phones?  Will this application sync with Linux PC’s or MACs?  If I am managing a growing business, what technology should/could I use to give me an edge over competitors?  Is business intelligence important?  What about utilizing small scale ERP systems?  If I do, which ones? SAP? Agresso?  The choices are endless!

To summarize, technology always changes, and businesses (as well as consumers) have to deal many tough decisions such as “Which phone should I buy?” to “Which technology is the best investment for my business?”.   If that is not complicated enough, these options always change due to the growing number of small tech. companies popping up with great new ideas and giant acquisitions.