Great Canadian Appathon 2011


Windows Phone 7 Mobile Game


48 Hours


A nationwide competition where teams from different post secondary institutes across Canada code to create the next coolest mobile phone game.  I cannot reveal too much about the game until the winners are announced, so I will let things settle first.  A sneak peak about our game:

  • 2D Platformer
  • Puzzle-based
  • 7 levels which gets progressively harder
  • Working menu system with a level selector and statistics tracker
  • Made for the Windows Mobile Phone
I was jointly responsible for:
  • Developing the statistics recording system
  • Developing the particle effects
  • Designing  / coding levels
  • Lots and lots of usability testing


  • Microsoft XNA Framework
  • Farseer Physics Engine
  • Adobe Photoshop

Related Tutorial(s)

  • Work in Progress



Not available for release


  • Top 25 highest rated game (out of 100 teams)
  • Won “Most Technically Challenging” category ($1000 prize)


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