Class Space


Web Application


1 Term (4 month school project)


A web application where users can share important events and class notes with each otherUsers can:

  • Create a ‘Pool’ and invite users to their ‘Pool’
  • Create events and share them with other users within that ‘Pool’
    • Ex: Ivan invited Robert to join a pool called ‘Pick-up Soccer Matches’
    • Robert and Ivan can both create events and share them with each other.  Events shared will show up on their respective Google Calendars
  • Received daily/weekly/monthly event notifications through their Gmail accounts
  • Link Google map images to their event location
  • Synchronize events created on Class-space to their Gmail Calendars
  • Add notes to events, similar to Google documents.  (Live multi-user collaboration)
I was responsible for:
  • Research and implementation of the Authentication process using OAuth in Java
  • Research and implementation of sending out automated email messages to users using Cron Jobs
  • Jointly responsible for debugging and testing
  • Responsible for creating and adding event using Google Calendar API


  • OAuthentication
  • Google Calendar API
  • Google App Engine
  • Java Eclipse
  • HTTP Servlets / JSP Filtering
  • CSS/Java Script
  • JSON Objects
  • JDO (Dealing with persistent objects)
  • Setting up CRON jobs

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  • Learned a lot about the triple handshaking process (OAuth)
  • Learned the importance and usefulness of Java Servlet Filtering!